by - July 06, 2017

Well... i am here! I dont know how long it gonna last, but im gonna try my best.
As you can see, the post before was years ago
at that time we didn't have Mesh  😑
yeah i know, i should delete it, but i wont do it. It was a great time!!!
So... let's move forward, as i said im trying to get it back, but now life it's different, a lot things change, even the game, i barely have enough time, but im always online tho. 
I love this stupid game..ugh! 
Im gonna try to post my outfits from my store AD's, i have received a lot IM's and Flickr email asking where this and that from, it doesn't bother tho, but it's gonna be easier if i do everything once... bawn! 
 I don't have sponsors, so don't expect me to post the newest items and events, and... bla bla bleeeh... im gonna do me, okaaay? Usually i dont go for the newest items, only if i really love it, i use old things, items that people already forgot about it, and still the thing for me,
 y'all looking the same with the newest items, stop being basic bitc.... 😜😉
 I hope my baddies like it, and keep up with the blog, and let me know what y'all think about it,
how to get better... or whatever...
I'm trying to edit the Blog, so everyday it might look different 😝

Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Kiko
Hair: taketomi - Yue
Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane
Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop - [Heart Lock I]
Chains: (Yummy) Delicate  / [MANDALA]ONLIEST
Rings: Amala - The Alaska Rings
Top: Messy. Lifted Tanktop
Bikini: {vincue} Mini+Kinie
Skirt: EVANI - Deanna skirt
Pantie: Bossie. mina string 
Stocking: Messy. Dropped Pantyhose
Poses: PM . Clare 

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