you think you hurt me, but i promise i was letting you

by - September 06, 2018

hey there!
Back to my spot ♥
I'm not really active, a lot going on rn, but yet trying to be on track.
This post is dedicated to the best stores* i know: Villena & Vale Koer
Villena: The best, period!!!! She's always on track with new style, for everyone, she always rig for every"body", every release it's a surprise and you always buy something, there's no way you don't have a Villena's item on your inventory, for real! The way they design their pants, making our booty cute, Villena you know im your biggest fan of all the fucking time, deal with it 💗
Vale Koer: The details of every little thing they make it's incredible. I know alot of you dont pay attention on it, but i do, i posted other day their Bikini and i was like o.O ok... slayin! And this heels right here, if you zoom on it, you gonna agree with me, but not only this heel or the bikini but everything they make it's like that. Grats VK to keep your good shit together 💝 LMAO luv ya!
My Skin
this skin im using it's made by a friend of mine, and we know each other for years, she helped me a lot with photoshop on the beginning, and now she's started her own store and let me tell ya, im in love with this skin, please try the demo and fall in love with it like me, I SWEEEAAARRR! Cutieeee
Kay i wish you success and pleaaaase make more skins like this, we need you 👄

* my opinion, and ofc there's a lot amazing stores, but this is my personal opinion right now. 

Hair: little bones. Reality  @UBER
Necklaces: 7;] Heiress Necklaces & Choker
Top: SEUL - Laced Brallette
Scene: Photo taken at LEVEL sim

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